Testimonies on Love

1. He who does not fulfill the commandment of loving one’s neighbor cannot consider himself a Christian. There cannot be a more pitiful state than not being able to forgive your brother, even in the most difficult moments of your life. He who cannot forgive, cannot love. He who cannot love others can neither love God. And in order to love God, we must be reconciled with those around us.

2. Only that which springs from love, from the heart, can go to the heart. He who does not pray from the heart can neither open the way to the heart of those around him, nor to the heart of God.

3. If there is no love and mercy in your heart, it means that your heart is unsuitable for grace.

4. Instead of condemning others, we should try to love them, so that we can understand them. To understand someone, to value and help him, you must feel his soul, his inner life. Lord, help me to not criticize others! I want to say all that I know is good, about anyone.


Excerpts from „Smerenia și dragostea, însemnele trăirii ortodoxe” [Humility and Love: Attributes of Orthodox Life], by Elder Sofian Boghiu, 4th ed., forthcoming from Doxologia Publishing House.