How to make every day a holiday!

Therefore, we should hate even more the vanity of this world, we should wish to have virtues, to be spiritually rich through a great trade: prayers, tears, cleansing, enlightenment, dispassion, which are the fruits of the eternal life. And the food, the drinks, the garments and all the other things necessary to the body, should be embraced only as much as they are needed in order to live and keep the commandments of God. If we spend our time in this way, every day will be a holiday, and every day we’ll have joy and fearlessness of death. Even if tens of thousands of sorrows come upon us, there is no way that the good conscience can sink.

Saint Theodore the Studite (†826), The Small Catecheses

Sermons of Elder Sofian Boghiu



Father Rafail Noica: “The evil of today’s world is so organized that there’s no escape anymore… only God will be the escape”

Our time is a terrible one with almost unaswerable problems, unexplainable situations, among the most terrible struggles. Don’t despair, but we should expect even worse, don’t despair, but know that in every moment the unseen, the non-existent, the “unyielding” God is here with us, not only in the space around me, but also in my heart; and there’s no trial allowed by Him without also giving us a way out. I don’t know what way out, but may God also guide us through unexplainable situations. [ continuare … ]

“Encouragement to Strive in Prayer” – a spiritual talk by Elder Sofian Boghiu




Encouragement to Strive in Prayer” – a spiritual talk by Elder Sofian Boghiu (+2002)

at the School of Law Auditorium in Bucharest,

Romania, November 14th, 1996.


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The Very Reverend Archimandrite Sofian Boghiu was one of the most famous spiritual fathers of Romania in the 20th century. He became a monk from a young age. Because he was part of the famous Burning Bush spiritual movement, (together with his good friend Archim. Roman Braga from Dormition Monastery in Rives Junction, Michigan), he was imprisoned for many years in the communist prisons. As an iconographer he painted many churches around the world and as abbot of Antim Monastery in Bucharest he guided many souls towards salvation. Father Sofian is famous also for his deep spiritual advice on the Jesus Prayer that he practiced humbly since youth. He was a great spiritual father, loved and sought after by the faithful. He was called “the Apostle of Bucharest”.